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“I have been working with lines and circles in the natural landscape since 1975 using natural materials. The landscape I work in has been and always will be, a profound influence on what I create. I aim to create works that compliment that landscape. Most of my works are transient while others are being reclaimed by nature after decades. It is a wonderful journey.”

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Reviews and Testimonials

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“Artist Gerry Barry creates otherworldly land art installations on the Irish countryside which only serve to enhance the tremendous beauty already found there… With little permanence to them, the pieces become at the mercy of their surroundings and are modified accordingly. In this way, the installations are truly living works of art.”

– Cube Breaker

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“The already-gorgeous landscape of Ireland is is made to seem even more enchanted with Gerry Barry‘s land art installations.”

– Monde Mosaic

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“With a heavy focus on symmetry, curves, and circles, the precisely arranged installations both stand out from and work in perfect harmony with the poetic landscape. At the mercy of the elements, the land art may be destroyed and reclaimed by nature at any time, adding a fleeting sense of ephemeral beauty to the mediative work.”

– My Modern Met

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“Gerry Barry’s installations blend with the nature, rather than interrupt it. Have a look at it, enjoy!”

– Amazing Central

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“They are designed to coexist with nature, which is changing artwork itself. Gerry Barry’s Land art installations harmonize with nature and do not affect its status in any way. Some of them still exist. Even in Ireland you can see land art installations from the 70s”

– Art Cocktail


“Like the principles of the land art movement, the installations are meant to co-exist with the elements of nature, which are themselves an ever-changing work of art.”

– Irish Examiner


“Gerry Barry was born in the Irish village of Castlegregory. Works in the genre of land-art. Barry’s work is in many private collections in Europe and America.”

– Art People Gallery


“Gerry Barry utilizes organic media to create epic installations on poetic landscapes across the Irish countryside. Barry’s installations often feature circular or crescent shapes, and they enhance the terrains upon which they are built. Using rocks, water, sand and landscaping, he creates ephemeral artworks that can last a day or a decade.”

– Inhabitat


An image that always stays with me. I love the simplicity and beauty of this photograph.

– Facebook User


I can imagine the amount of work that goes into these photos. Congratulations – they’re beautiful!

– Facebook User


It does something to my heart…like maybe makes it skip a beat or something.

– Facebook User


Stunning, tranquil beauty.

– Facebook User


I admire such a simple yet sophisticated art. In total harmony with the surroudning landscape.

– Facebook User


Gerry Barry’s Incredible Land Art Installations Harmonize with the Irish Landscape

– Lori Zimmer, Inhabitat